Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Light Pink Baby Cardigan – Altered Size

I was very eager to try out the new yarn that I am going to sell soon at my new online shop. It was very easy to handle with and it suits well with 5mm hook. The composition of the yarn is 60% acrylic and 40% cotton. Although, the cotton composition is lower than acrylic, the yarn itself feels as soft as viscose yarn. Very fluffy and soft to the touch.
So, I was making another baby cardigan with 3 cute flower buttons. This size really suits well with 3-6 months old baby.
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The color of yarns available. I left out the black yarn. So, there is actually 6 shades of yarn colors.


Jasmine said...


Firstly, I love your blog! Such great creations. :)

I actually stumbled upon your website in search of a kebaya paper pattern, or at least kebaya instructions. I am in fashion school in the United States and am hoping to recreate the Nyonya kebaya. Do you have any suggestions in terms of where to get my hands on a pattern? Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.



Farahana said...

Hi Jasmine,
Thank you.

For kebaya patterns instructions you can refer this book written by Rosita Jaafar " Variasi Seni Jahitan: Panduan Menjahit Pola Rekaan Fesyen, Sulaman, Manik dan Labuci", "Malay Traditional Attire", or you can visit this site to purchase http://www.ftimdc.com/sulaman-manik-labuci-dan-fesyen-ftimdc-shop/