Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tops from Recycled Skirt


A few months ago, I bought this light cream skirt at a bundle shop for RM1 only. Not only that, I bought four items at the bundle shop for RM6. That was very cheap and a bargain for me. Just imagine that I could get a dress from jeans material and a pink cardigan pant.

This top I made from a skirt, cotton shirting material. Very soft and suitable for making this kind of pattern design.


For the bias tape, I saw this fun and interesting cotton design at Kamdar and imagining how nice and beautiful it would complement the design for the tops.


Experiences in making this top:

1) Need to use a larger stitch than usual because it is knitted cotton shirting material (I use 3mm width rather than usual 2.5mm)

2) Don’t need to serge the edges because it will not fray, easier and saves time.

3) Next time I have to make it wider at the end of the sleeves so that it will look nice and puffy for the ruffles.

4) I just serged at the bottom of the tops. Easy and saves time (especially for the lazy ones like me).

5) For the ribbons, I just used the leftover bias tape. You need to hand stitch it first before attaching it to the tops.

6) How long did I finish it, well, I think it is about 5 hours from pattern drafting to making bias tape and finishing the tops.