Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kurung, Kemeja, Kebaya, Blouse

It has been long since I posted anything. I am busy sewing. Before that I finished sewing 2 blouses, one kemeja, one kurung moden, baju kurung and kebaya. 

The green kemeja is for Ilyasa to wear during Fizah's engagement. This is my second attempt at making kemeja with collar. The tedious thing about making kemeja with boxy designs on the material is to put the pattern in the same horizontal lines. The pictures look not nice because I did not iron on for the final touches yet. Haha.

The easiest of all is making the blouse. No wonder, if anyone would want to go for Sewing Lessons, they teach you how to make blouse first.

Finally, I have finished sewing Idzyan's Pink Kebaya. The challenge lies in the sulam design must be accurate point to point so that it will have a crisp finish. This kebaya is easy to sew because of the cotton material.