Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beads, beading, sew beads on baju kurung


My aunt asked me whether I have time to sew beads on baju kurung modern for her daughter. She said to sew it all over the body of baju kurung including necklines, sleeves and the body. I insisted at first, saying that I never sew beads heavily at the neckline before. She said that she will provide with the design. So, I agreed since I just have to follow the design.

The design is from Keluarga Magazine, hari Raya version. It was big and clear enough for me to copy the beading design.


It took me a long time to sew the beads onto the baju kurung because my daughter always came and play around with the beads. So, you can imagine how miserable it is when your beads get thrown everywhere.

The neckline


04082010281 Sleeves

04082010282 Body

04082010283 Body

I really hope that my aunt like it. It looks very simple though.


idah @mama izzya said...

nak tya,beads yg camner biasa kiter gunakan erk..ada bykjenis kan..

cantik tgk baju yg dihiasi beads tp risau kang jahit beads pastu tertanggal

Farahana said...

Saya guna beads jenis bulat dan jenis bugle. Saya campur2 jenis Jepun n biasa.

Kalau taknak beads tertanggal, jahit dua kali masuk, pastu matikan di belakang.
Baju saya jahit beads saya berani basuh mesin, tak akan tanggal.

haz said...

Boleh tak i nak hantar baju kurung utk u tolong jahitkan? kindly please email me at hazzyjapzy@gmail.com
Thank you..=)

Farahana said...

Salam Haz,

Sorry, I tak ambil tempahan utk jahit baju.