Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bebop Cardigan – Lion Brand Yarn Pattern

The first time I saw this Bebop Cardigan pattern, I ignored it. Not because it is not beautiful or difficult, but it is for 6-10 years old girl. But, I found out in Lion Brand Yarn Facebook, one of the fan has posted the crocheted pattern that suits her 2 year old daughter. So, I decided to give it a try and made it for my 3 year old Tasneem using a 4mm hook rather than using a thicker yarn and a larger hook (which has been suggested in the pattern).
I was using acrylic yarn to try it out first, before using my cotton yarn that I am selling. This pattern has bobble stitches which is new to me. At least I am learning new stitches whenever I tried out a new pattern. I did not understand how to do it at first, then I googled it on the internet and saw a youtube showing how to do bobble stitches. Then, everything after that went easy. 24082010576
The sleeves part, I was adding a simple border pattern at the edges using white acrylic yarn.
Why three shades of yarn? I was just trying to finish off the leftover yarns. That is why there was three shades. Luckily, it turns out well and adorable.


anna said...

Hi.. Great job on this cardigan.... i was looking for the pattern for the smaller version as well,,, but could not find it... can you please share it with me?? thank you...
with best regards,

Farahana said...

Hi Anna,
This pattern is for 6-8 year old pattern, I made it smaller by using smaller hook and thinner yarn than recommended in the pattern. Luckily it fits well with my 2 year old daughter.