Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tutorial – How to make neckline of baju kurung (part one)

I was thinking of sharing how to make the neckline of baju kurung (leher baju kurung). When I first started sewing, I found that this is the hardest part of all. But now,when I already learned the technique from Rosita Jaafar sewing book, I can do it easily. In fact, this is my favorite part of sewing baju kurung.

Here is my style of how to sew the neckline of baju kurung. I am not an expert, I just want to share a little bit of what I have learnt from sewing lots of baju kurung. If you have any comments or any additions to what I mentioned, please do so.

Here is the tutorial:

1. Using remnants of the fabric (after cutting all the major parts), trace the facing using the fabric with a pen or a tailor’s chalk or a pencil. Let’s call it “neckline facing”.



Base of neckline facing         Shape of neckline


2. After sewing the body parts together, iron the body parts in two, so that there will be a line folded in half in the middle of the body.



3. Using the line from the body that we iron on earlier as a guide, then pin on the neckline facing to the body parts. Match it from point to point.



Till then, wait for part two of making the neckline of baju kurung. If there’s any questions or comments please do so.


Anonymous said...

Hi Farahana,

Thank you for posting this up. May I just ask, when you iron the neckline facing to the body, do you iron it at the right side of the body or wrong side?


farahana said...

It doesn't matter if you iron it at the wrong or right side of the body as long you can see the line in the middle and match it from point to point.

Rachat de credit said...

Thanks it was a very good support, now to make neckline of baju kurung is definitely easy with the help of your recommendation. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Tutorial Menjahit Baju Kurung Terbaik. Harap2 semua orang dapat manfaat dan berkat.

Shazni Adam said...

saya nak tanya, jika bahagian leher ni besar, macam mane nak kecilkan?

Terima kasih

Cotton House Store said...

Shazni Adam:

Jika leher besar, jika masih belum gunting di bahagian tengah leher, maka boleh tetas dahulu. Dan kemudian trace balik ukuran bagi kecil dan kemudian jahit semula menggunakan mesin.