Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Light Pink Baby Cardigan – Altered Size

I was very eager to try out the new yarn that I am going to sell soon at my new online shop. It was very easy to handle with and it suits well with 5mm hook. The composition of the yarn is 60% acrylic and 40% cotton. Although, the cotton composition is lower than acrylic, the yarn itself feels as soft as viscose yarn. Very fluffy and soft to the touch.
So, I was making another baby cardigan with 3 cute flower buttons. This size really suits well with 3-6 months old baby.
24082010584 24082010585
The color of yarns available. I left out the black yarn. So, there is actually 6 shades of yarn colors.

Patchwork for baby blanket

I am bored waiting for the baby to come out. Right now, it has been 39 weeks. The doctor said that my baby can come out anytime soon.
So, instead of just wasting my boring time with nothing, I rummaged my piles of cotton fabric looking for the right shades to sew into many small patchworks.
Right now, I only managed to make 5 sets of patchwork flowers. I need to make at least another 5 more, so that they will cover most of the blanket size.
How it looks like at the back side of the patchwork. I am using a hexagon templates made with plastic at a craftstore in Alor Setar. The sizes are all even an easy to attach from corner to corner using whipstitch.
I am hoping that I will finish this project either before or after the baby comes out.

Bebop Cardigan – Lion Brand Yarn Pattern

The first time I saw this Bebop Cardigan pattern, I ignored it. Not because it is not beautiful or difficult, but it is for 6-10 years old girl. But, I found out in Lion Brand Yarn Facebook, one of the fan has posted the crocheted pattern that suits her 2 year old daughter. So, I decided to give it a try and made it for my 3 year old Tasneem using a 4mm hook rather than using a thicker yarn and a larger hook (which has been suggested in the pattern).
I was using acrylic yarn to try it out first, before using my cotton yarn that I am selling. This pattern has bobble stitches which is new to me. At least I am learning new stitches whenever I tried out a new pattern. I did not understand how to do it at first, then I googled it on the internet and saw a youtube showing how to do bobble stitches. Then, everything after that went easy. 24082010576
The sleeves part, I was adding a simple border pattern at the edges using white acrylic yarn.
Why three shades of yarn? I was just trying to finish off the leftover yarns. That is why there was three shades. Luckily, it turns out well and adorable.

Combined technique – Crochet and Sew a dress for Raya

The pattern was taken from Crochet Magazine. I really like this magazine, but , it is really expensive to buy from Borders or MPH, it is around RM 20++. So, when I got back home, I tried to search for Crochet Magazine, luckily, they have it digitally for only USD 14.97. That is much more cheaper, I will get a full year subscription plus back dated issues. So, it will be a really value for the money.
04082010307 04082010308
After I made payment using credit card, instantly I could download all the current issues and back dated issues easily. After downloading everything, I looked at each pages for a pattern that I might be interested in doing so and print it out.
I really recommend this magazine for anyone who loves to make cardigan for adult, necklaces, afghans, and it also have projects for baby either a blanket/toys/clothes.
So, one of the patterns is making a combined technique, it looks lovely. The only thing is that it need to use a smaller hook 3-3.5mm hook. So, for my daughter almost 3 years old, I need to use a 3.5mm hook with a red metallic cotton yarn.
I made it with a 2 tier cotton fabric attached to the crocheted part using sewing machine. Carefully, you  need not stretch the material, if not, it won’t fit with the length of the fabric.
04082010299 04082010301
As always, my daughter was very eager to wear it, although I have not finish crocheting the sleeves part yet. She said baju princess (princess dress), like Dora the Explorer, she used to wear a long dress when she becomes a princess.
For the sleeves part, it is really open, so I modified a little bit, to make it closed (could not see the armpit anymore).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crocheted White Baby Booties

This baby booties is easy and fast to make compared to several baby booties that I have made before. It is Mary Janes baby booties, I could not remember the link for this booties. It has straps, but, I omitted it because the straps were too long for the sides.
I was using a 4mm hook so that I could get a 3 1/2 inch sole. But, it is kind of big for a newborn in Malaysia. The pattern is from the US, so I think the size suits well with their babies.
To make it cuter, I crocheted two small flowers and sew imitation pearl beads on top of it.
My 3 year old daughter was very eager to wear it, but of course it would not fit her 5 1/2 inch foot well. So, I made one for her without flowers using 8mm hook. Luckily it fits her very well. She was very pleased with it. What was more happier was that she said, “Thanks Mommy”, and hugs me. :)
After making this, I plan on making one for my sister, she is having a baby girl soon, same time as me on the month of August 2010.
Very adorable if paired with the crocheted dress!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beads, beading, sew beads on baju kurung


My aunt asked me whether I have time to sew beads on baju kurung modern for her daughter. She said to sew it all over the body of baju kurung including necklines, sleeves and the body. I insisted at first, saying that I never sew beads heavily at the neckline before. She said that she will provide with the design. So, I agreed since I just have to follow the design.

The design is from Keluarga Magazine, hari Raya version. It was big and clear enough for me to copy the beading design.


It took me a long time to sew the beads onto the baju kurung because my daughter always came and play around with the beads. So, you can imagine how miserable it is when your beads get thrown everywhere.

The neckline


04082010281 Sleeves

04082010282 Body

04082010283 Body

I really hope that my aunt like it. It looks very simple though.

Crocheted Baby Blue Gown Order

This is for a customer who really likes the design after I showed it to her. She bought lots of my cotton yarn and during the meeting I brought along all the yarns that I have to show it to her.
She wanted a smaller version with a smaller armpit hole. 04082010289
So, what I did was use a smaller hook 5.0mm instead of before 5.5mm hook. She wanted it to be exactly the same for her 4 month old daughter.
The backside using 2 white button shanks.

Baju Kurung for Toddler


It has been a long time since I made a baju kurung for Tasneem. I only made baju kurung for her for hari Raya only. Almost 2 years passed by, now she was nearly 3 years old. The length of material needed is about 1 1/4 meter. I was shocked in measuring her, looking at the length of the fabric, I could not believe that she is getting bigger as time pass by.

She was so delighted to wear her baju kurung. To her, every new clothes, she was eager to have it put on her.

I sewed beads around her neckline, it was easy and fast to sew on cotton fabric. If I still have time before my delivery, I will sew some beads at the end of the sleeves too. I asked my daughter, what shape she would like to have as a button, the heart or flower shape, she chose flower shape. I also thought that flower button shape was much cuter.



I made an A-line skirt for her, easier than making a pleated one at the sides.