Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Crocheted Newborn Size Cardigan


It is very addictive once you know how to make a small cardigan for babies or toddlers. I was making another one, with another color of yarn that is called cotton metallic. The outcome, glittery cute crocheted cardigan.

This time I am using the suggested hook for the pattern that is G hook or translates into our understanding it is 5mm hook. Really it makes difference if you are using a larger hook, the outcome will turn out into a larger project than the original.

The original pattern actually is for the long-sleeved cardigan, but I think that short-sleeved turned out nicer and cuter.

My opinion regarding crochet is that it is easy and flexible to do during leisure time or anytime you like, you just need to have with you just 3/4 things – yarn, hook, scissors and pattern (if you remember, do not have to bring one with you).


1 ply of cotton yarn 50gm / 100m is enough for this newborn size, but requires more for a size 3-6 months or bigger.

size G hook/ or 5mm hook

Monday, May 24, 2010

Crocheted Baby Cardigan


I have never been crocheting baby cardigan before. Whenever I wanted to start one, it always ended up in the middle of nowhere.

The reasons why it had never finished:

a) do not fully understand the instructions especially when to attach the armhole,

b) sometimes, I found the pattern is difficult even though I try searching and looking for an easy pattern

c) do not have suitable material to make the most comfortable for the baby or toddler to wear (only acrylic yarn available), now cotton yarn is available and makes it comfortable for the young ones to wear

d) last, is laziness (this kept you from not moving on to finish up the project)

But, this time, with a huge lots of efforts I am putting into making one for my upcoming baby and also one for my daughter.

I also found this website is very useful and contributed a lot in my project. Bella Bambina is one of the website that gives tutorial on how to construct an armhole during crocheting process.

The pattern is for a long sleeve cardigan, but I make it a short one. For the button, I crochet a small button size and sew it directly onto the cardigan.

For the pattern, I use one skein of cotton yarn and a crochet hook size 5.5mm , I size for US. However, the pattern that is meant for babies (3-6 month), suits my daughter 2 1/2 years old very well. If, for Malaysian babies, I think should use 4mm size of the crochet hook is enough.



The sleeves, made a little ruffle for the edging.



What I think after completed one, of course making more and more of it in the future. Maybe trying a new and more difficult pattern. Wish me success!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Crocheted Tiny House

Last Sunday, I finished making these cute tiny little house for dolls. I found the pattern inside a Chinese Crochet Book, bought at Popular Bookstores. The instructions needed me to use a size 8mm crochet hook (the bigger the hook mm, the larger the project will be).
Eager to do so, I did it without noticing that the yellow yarn only was not enough to do the wall part. But, luckily I combined with another yellow yarn but with different shades to finish up the product.
Tired of making spots for the roof’s house, I just leave it as it is.
Well, my daughter Tasneem seemed really happy to have a cute little house with a small door on it. What did she do after that was putting all the cornflakes (cereal) inside the house, and eat from it. What on earth!
This house needs some sewing because you need to make the parts come together. So, before this, I just used the hook to make it come together.
Now with this big yarn needle I can basically insert the huge yarn into the hole with a breeze. See, how big the hole they are.
And I can finish up the projects in a short amount of time.
Next time, there is no excuse for me to do more amigurumi in the future. With the help of the needle, it was really interesting to join crochet parts together.
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Cotton House: My New Shop

Hello everyone,

I am opening a new online store called Cotton House. Please feel free to browse and look into it.
Here are some of the items that are hard to find, cotton yarns.

More to come by next week, bamboo crochet hook and knitting needles set.

I am quite busy at the moment. There are several gowns and sewing that I haven't posted it up here yet. I am sure will to display the finished products up here soon.