Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Crocheted Newborn Size Cardigan


It is very addictive once you know how to make a small cardigan for babies or toddlers. I was making another one, with another color of yarn that is called cotton metallic. The outcome, glittery cute crocheted cardigan.

This time I am using the suggested hook for the pattern that is G hook or translates into our understanding it is 5mm hook. Really it makes difference if you are using a larger hook, the outcome will turn out into a larger project than the original.

The original pattern actually is for the long-sleeved cardigan, but I think that short-sleeved turned out nicer and cuter.

My opinion regarding crochet is that it is easy and flexible to do during leisure time or anytime you like, you just need to have with you just 3/4 things – yarn, hook, scissors and pattern (if you remember, do not have to bring one with you).


1 ply of cotton yarn 50gm / 100m is enough for this newborn size, but requires more for a size 3-6 months or bigger.

size G hook/ or 5mm hook

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