Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby Blue Crocheted Dress


This baby blue crocheted dress is made with 100% cotton yarn. The technique is using a solomon’s knot at the lower down of the dress to create a lacy look.


The amount of yarn I am using is just 1/2 of the skein, not much. That means, I am using about 75m long instead of 125m for the total of the whole skein.

I am using a 5.5mm hook although the pattern states to use a 4-5mm hook. The outcome of the dress looks suitable for baby ranges from 3-6 months old. That is what I intended to do, since for newborns clothes, they need to wear much more warmer clothing, so a sleeveless dress is totally out of the question.

The pattern was taken from a website with instructions on how to do a solomon’s knot. From the website, she did not do a lining for the dress, but for mine, I made one chiffon lining about 1/4 meter. On the inside I made a ruffled lining and hand stitch both materials together.


It is much more appropriate to wear, and those tiny little feet will not get tangled in between the solomon’s knot!


I am so impressed with the results. My upcoming daughter will sure look adorable and cute in this dress. Though I think this is not so perfect look since this is my first time in doing this pattern (for me, a first tryout always not perfect, will have some flaw somewhere).

At the back part, two shank buttons have been sewed into the them. For the opening, I just used the advantage of double crochet (dc) space to insert the buttons. It works perfectly fine. No need to do a buttonhole closure anymore.



How much time to do this pattern, I think for the cotton yarn I am using will take about 4-5 hours, but if using an acrylic or sorrento viscose yarn, will take about 3 hours to finish it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pink Blouse and Pant Set for Toddler


I bought these two gorgeous cotton fabric design from Kamdar last two months. Only then, I finished with the outcome. The pattern was taken from Cucito. I knew what I am going to do with the fabric when I saw the pattern inside the book.


Using elastic thread for the shirred arms.


I made it with a pair of matching polka dot pink and white pants.


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Crocheted Black Cardigan


I use a slightly diffferent pattern this time. Using an H hook 6.00mm, 1 ply black acrylic yarn, it looks like suitable for 3-6 months baby. It tooks me about 2 1/2 hours to finish doing it.


I am using cute lady bird buttonhole for the closure.


Try on a model, my daughter is almost three years old. So, I don’t think this size is suitable for her. Like I said earlier, it suits for baby ranging from 3-6 months old.


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