Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crocheted Boys cap

DSC_2828 hats & bags watermarked
Baby boys cap. The large one is for toddler 1-2 years old made using cotton blended. The small one is for my niece Irfan using Ilaria Viscose and Cotton Blended. Unluckily, he could not fit in the hat that I make for 3 months size. Next time, for babies, you need to make something big than their age. So that they can fit in it right away or maybe a few more months.

Urban Girl Tote bags and baby hat for customer

Really apologizes for not updating this blog for so long. But, along the way, I have lots of stories to tell you all about what I did for the past few months. Crocheting and sewing stuffs. Hehe..wait for another entry.Open-mouthed smile

DSC_2785 hats & bags watermarked

DSC_2727 hats & bags watermarked

My husband’s friend wanted to order something for his nieces. So he was asking me to do something for the girls. Which takes some time figuring out what to make. Something easy and nice and practical for all of them. I do not want to make something that is not suitable and practical for the girls. And walla, totes idea came to my mind after browsing for free patterns on the Lion brand website. They can use the totes to put pocket money (duit raya) inside it. I know, my 3 year old Tasneem would love to have something like this, so bright and can put her personal belongings inside the small cute tote. But, I did not make her one. I will though. One day!Winking smile

For the tote, it is Urban Girl Tote, free pattern taken from Lion Brand Yarn website. This is very easy pattern and finish up fast. The only thing I adjust was make the handles longer. I am using Nona double stranded yarn and 5.5mm crochet hook for the tote. After that, I embellished with crocheted flower and also crocheted butterflies, and sew it to the totes.

DSC_2797 hats & bags watermarked


DSC_2755 hats & bags watermarked

The baby hat was for 6-12 months old. The mother did not want any ribbons or buttons attached to the hat. Just plain and simple will do.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Floral Pillow Crochet Technique


When I looked at Crochet Today magazine project for this pillow, I am very amazed at the outcome. I really wanted to make one for home, the living room. Oh no, actually not make one, but need to make a pair of it. But wait, I have more things to knit and crochet along the way! Maybe next time, I will make another one of this pillow :p . Maybe with a different color.

The technique is crochet, I am using 5.5mm hook, with two strands of acrylic yarn. This pattern I would say it is simple to do. Once you know how to make dc (double crochet), trc (treble crochet), it is very easy. I love the looks like a 3D. Don’t you love this pattern too?

Anyway, if you are making this pattern too, please share it with me, I would love to see the outcome too!


The picture is lovely isn’t it? This is taken by my beloved husband. Right now, he is like a pro in taking product shots. He is the one, who took all my product shots in Cotton House Store. Thank you my husband for taking beautiful and great pictures :)

Where to get crochet/knitting supplies


For crafters like crocheters or knitters, they always think where to get crochet or knitting supplies?  Where to get yarns for knitting or crochet? Well, with this online shop, you can purchase anywhere you are, what you only need is a computer and internet access to purchase from this Cotton House Store online shop.

Here are what we have basically in our shop ranging from crochet hooks, knitting needle, hand knitting yarn – cotton yarn, wool yarn, acrylic yarn, blended yarn. The price are reasonable and not too pricey.


Wool Yarn – available by next week (24th of May)


Cotton Milk yarn – very soft and suitable for making clothes

crochet hook 12pcs 002 watermark

Crochet hook sets – 12 piece (this is hot selling because of the rainbow colors of the hook), many of my customers loved this item very much

circular needle cn 002 us6 4.0mm 50cm watermark

I am selling circular knitting needle as well.

There are lots of items list in the website Cotton House Store. There are Double Pointed Needle (DPN), afghan hooks, afghan or tunisian sets (for making blankets), large blunt needles, row counter, stitch markers and many more.

Beautiful Wool Yarns coming soon!!


This range of 100% Pure Wool yarn will be selling soon at Cotton House Store (online shop).

Here’s a sneak peek of eight colors to choose from. The weight is 50gm per skein.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Crocheted Hat for 3 year old

DSC_2320 baby hat_520x346
One of my husband’s collegue order this hat for her niece. Same age as Tasneem with 19” head circumference. She wanted her niece to wear this for their trip to Taiwan next month. It will be chilly there although it is just spring time.
So, I suggested using cotton blended yarn because it has acrylic too, which will give warmth during their stay there. This hat has brim to protect against sun rays. It is also suitable to be worn in Malaysia.
 DSC_2326 baby hat_346x520 DSC_2339 baby hat_519x346
I inserted ribbons and embellish with simple flowers using Nona acrylic yarns.

Crocheted Baby Set in Fuschia Pink

DSC_2088 baby set_636x424
My customer saw the pictures of previous cardigans and after seeing the pictures of baby hats that I make on Cotton House Store facebook, she wanted to order a full set for her daughter.
So, this is it.
DSC_2030 baby set_636x424 
DSC_2013 baby set_636x424
I used ladybug white color buttons to embellish the shoes.
DSC_2098 baby set_636x424
The sizes for her order is for 6-12 months old. So, the finished sizes for the cardigan is 22”, shoes 4” and baby hat 16-17”.
I am glad that my customer is happy with the results.

Crocheted Baby Hat Again with Brim

DSC_1164 baby hat_691x1037 DSC_1170 baby hat_1037x691
I never use beanie or baby hat that was given as gift for my daughter to wear. The reason is that whenever she wears it, it covers her eyes. So, I am afraid that it will also covers her nose as well.
So, I make something more useful. Making baby hat with brim, to protect from the sun rays. Whenever we goes out, then, she will have protection against the sun. We do not have to open umbrella which is tedious to bring (if it just hot, no rain).
This time, I used cotton blended yarn white with salmon colors. I use 5mm crochet hook. The finished sizes is 15”-16”. Why I chose these colors, simple. Easy to match with whatever colors that are in her wardrobe.
I made another one too for her my niece Hamnah. Same age as my daughter.
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Baby Hat

DSC_0365 playground sri nibong jan 2011_1037x691
Let me just put what I have crocheted these past months. It did not mean that I did not do anything for my hobby, but there weren’t time for me to update this blog. Really, my second daughter needed me to always carry her whenever she is awake.
So, right now I am going to update whatever my creations for the last few months.
Tasneem’s hat, made using 100% Nona Acrylic (just want to try out the from the Japanese pattern book). The hook sizes state 5, but at that time I was not sure is that 5mm or just size 5 in Japan. But, unfortunately it is not 5mm as I was expected, it is size 5. So, I have to googled out to find what is the equivalent size for 5, it is actually 3.4mm, but I subsitute it with 3.5mm. Well, it turns out well and fits my 3 year plus daughter with 19” hat circumference.
The pictures taken at a playground near our house by my husband.
DSC_0227 playground sri nibong jan 2011_691x1037
DSC_0261 playground sri nibong jan 2011_1037x691
This is my second daughter, Humayra. She loves to be cuddled. I made this using 100% acrylic yarn using 5mm hook. But, this was just for trial. Looks, how many colors are there in the hat. I wanted to finish up any leftover yarns. So, that I can fill it up with other yarns that I bought. Hehe.
The pattern for the hat is from the cocoon baby hat pattern. What I did is just make the brim with sc all around the hat for 4 times and made the ruffles edging using shell stitches.
I ended up adorned both hats using ribbons. Easy to insert it using very large needles and no sewing needed.
DSC_0278 playground sri nibong jan 2011_1037x691

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crocheted Salmon Baby Cardigan

DSC_0663 [50%]
The baby cardigan (can be made for 0-3 months,
3- 6 months or 6-12 months) is made using cotton blended yarn (2 skeins used), price RM40. It is very soft and comfortable to be worn in the warm weather. I also take orders for boys cardigan long sleeve or short, with stripes or without. For orders please contact
For colors for the cardigan you can browse and look in my online store Cotton House Store, look for Yarns – Cotton Metallic or Yarns – Cotton Blended.
Pictures taken by my husband using his DSLR D3100.
DSC_0657 [50%]  DSC_0664 [50%] DSC_0668 [50%] DSC_0676 [50%]
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Crocheted Baby Cardigan - Turqoise

DSC_0632 [50%]
The baby cardigan (can be made for 0-3 months,3- 6 months or 6-12 months) was ordered by one of my customer. Made using cotton metallic (2 skeins used), price RM40. It is very soft and comfortable to be worn in the warm weather. I also take orders for boys cardigan long sleeve or short, with stripes or without. For orders please contact
For colors for the cardigan you can browse and look in my online store Cotton House Store, look for Yarns – Cotton Metallic or Yarns – Cotton Blended.
Your baby will look adorable in it.
DSC_0631 [50%]   DSC_0635 [50%] DSC_0639 [50%] DSC_0645 [50%] DSC_0646 [50%]
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sassy Style Sweater

DSC_0461 [50%]
It took months for me to finish up this pattern. Actually it only takes about 2-3 days of your leisure time to finish up this easy pattern. I bought this pattern at The instructions are for 2,4 and 6 years old. It requires using 2 strand of yarn together with 5mm hook, but I managed to use just one strand of Ilaria Viscose with 6mm hook, and can fit my 3 year old child easily.
Although the pattern say it is easy, but I am having quite a difficult time understanding the pattern, with the weird design (I never made this kind of pattern before, so there comes difficulty with each design).
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DSC_0467 [50%]
I am quite amazed at the final outcome of the pattern, it looks kinda of like shrug plus jacket to me. It turned out beautiful. I am glad that it still can fits my daughter.
DSC_0487 [50%]
DSC_0482 [50%]

Light Pink Doily

DSC_0132 [50%]
DSC_0134 [50%]
DSC_0143 [50%]
This doily is made from pure cotton yarn (very light pink) using 2.5mm hook.
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