Monday, March 14, 2011

Crocheted Baby Set in Fuschia Pink

DSC_2088 baby set_636x424
My customer saw the pictures of previous cardigans and after seeing the pictures of baby hats that I make on Cotton House Store facebook, she wanted to order a full set for her daughter.
So, this is it.
DSC_2030 baby set_636x424 
DSC_2013 baby set_636x424
I used ladybug white color buttons to embellish the shoes.
DSC_2098 baby set_636x424
The sizes for her order is for 6-12 months old. So, the finished sizes for the cardigan is 22”, shoes 4” and baby hat 16-17”.
I am glad that my customer is happy with the results.

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Anonymous said...

Do you take any order for these items?Looks like I'm interested too..may I know the price?