Monday, March 14, 2011

Crocheted Baby Hat Again with Brim

DSC_1164 baby hat_691x1037 DSC_1170 baby hat_1037x691
I never use beanie or baby hat that was given as gift for my daughter to wear. The reason is that whenever she wears it, it covers her eyes. So, I am afraid that it will also covers her nose as well.
So, I make something more useful. Making baby hat with brim, to protect from the sun rays. Whenever we goes out, then, she will have protection against the sun. We do not have to open umbrella which is tedious to bring (if it just hot, no rain).
This time, I used cotton blended yarn white with salmon colors. I use 5mm crochet hook. The finished sizes is 15”-16”. Why I chose these colors, simple. Easy to match with whatever colors that are in her wardrobe.
I made another one too for her my niece Hamnah. Same age as my daughter.
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