Friday, May 20, 2011

Where to get crochet/knitting supplies


For crafters like crocheters or knitters, they always think where to get crochet or knitting supplies?  Where to get yarns for knitting or crochet? Well, with this online shop, you can purchase anywhere you are, what you only need is a computer and internet access to purchase from this Cotton House Store online shop.

Here are what we have basically in our shop ranging from crochet hooks, knitting needle, hand knitting yarn – cotton yarn, wool yarn, acrylic yarn, blended yarn. The price are reasonable and not too pricey.


Wool Yarn – available by next week (24th of May)


Cotton Milk yarn – very soft and suitable for making clothes

crochet hook 12pcs 002 watermark

Crochet hook sets – 12 piece (this is hot selling because of the rainbow colors of the hook), many of my customers loved this item very much

circular needle cn 002 us6 4.0mm 50cm watermark

I am selling circular knitting needle as well.

There are lots of items list in the website Cotton House Store. There are Double Pointed Needle (DPN), afghan hooks, afghan or tunisian sets (for making blankets), large blunt needles, row counter, stitch markers and many more.

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