Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Kimono

This baby kimono is easy to make. The pattern is like baju kurung Kedah (at the sleeves), but it has a front opening. The pattern needs lots of bias tape. But one packet is enough for baby size. It will be easier to sew if you use cotton fabric with cotton bias tape.

The closures is of course to tie it up using bias tape, but you might want to add snap fastener at the top of the neckline to prevent from easier opening.

This style is suitable for newborn and up because there are no buttons to put on. Just needs to tie the ribbon.

jual baju 007


jual baju 005


 jual baju 006

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tutorial – How to Make Button Loops

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Fabric loop or fabric tunnel adds an elegant touch to projects that we make. It is suitable for making spaghetti straps, bag closures, frog closures, string belts and button loops (for blouses, gowns and kebayas).

In this tutorial I will use loop turner as opposed to using traditional thread and needle which I find it difficult.

Where to get it, it is hard to find one in Malaysia though. But, you can try and look for this item in sewing or craft supplies shop.


1. Measure and cut out a piece of cloth about 1” wide in bias angle.



2. Before sewing, meet the right sides together. We are going to sew on the wrong side.


3. Sew about 5mm wide, it is about the size of under your machine. (I am making button closures suitable for kebaya and blouses, so the size appropriate is 5mm, you can use a different width depending on your project use)

Adjusts the fabric at the end of the arrow. You will get exactly 5mm width of sewn strip.

** I am using contrasting thread so that you can see it clearly. Make sure that starting stitches need to be wider a bit than 5mm. It is to make an easier turning of the strip when it is done.

4. Next, trim off the excess fabric. It will make an easier turning if it is not too bulky. The width is about the same as your stitching. In this case it is about 5mm width.

5. To turn it over, insert loop turner and attach the end of the loop with the fabric together.Slowly pull the loop turner.



6. There it is done.

I hope this tutorial helps. If there are any comments or concerns please ask. Thank you.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sew Kebaya

Last week I made two short kebayas for a teenage customers. However there are two styles for the kebaya pattern. One we called it modern kebaya and the other kebaya lapel. Drafting pattern for the arms will  be gorgeous if it really fits your arms. Make a 1 1/2 inch or a 2 inch for the easiness around the armhole. The sleeve width is around 18-20 cm (for small hands, for bigger hands I suggest you use a bigger measurements). However, you must make sure that the sleeve width will fit all your fingers right through it. If not, you cannot go through the sleeves. 

For drafting the patterns, I am using the pattern in "Variasi Seni Jahitan" and "Variasi Teknik Menjahit" books. I am not directly using the pattern from one version. It is a mix and match, for example, for the lapel, I am using a measurement for the kebaya lapel, but for the hands I am
using the guidance for Kebaya Kota Baru style. 

 Kebaya Lapel

Modern Kebaya

Another One Hour Tops for toddler size

I guess I am not satisfied since Tasneem could not wear the previous tops that I am trying to make one for her. So, I decided to make another one with a different style for her. This one I am using one of Stitch House edition books titled " Cute Infants Outgrow Clothes Quickly, 58 Tots Clothes Paired with Dolls".  Although this book titled states infant, but it is actually a toddler size for 2 or 3 and for 4 or 5 years old. I am lucky because my daughter fits this tops although it looks kind of big for her shoulder. 

This is a direct cut fabric and sew just needs a total of hour only. Absolutely perfect for present to little girl of your family and friends. The material needed is only half a meter of 45" cotton fabric, 30cm elastic tape and 32cm bias tape for the neck.

One Hour Tops for Baby

This cute tops requires one hour or less of sewing time. The material needed is cotton fabric about 90cm width with a length of 40-50cm, bias tape about 1 meter, elastic thread for the arms, elastic string and some embellishments. For this tops, I used just simple ribbons sewed directly on top of it.

I have several of cotton remnants this small and I want to make out something with it. Actually, I was making this tops for my one and a half year old daughter. I was using the same bust measurement when she was 6 months. But, it did not fit her. Haha, well I guess this will be a gift to whoever I know that will have a baby girl. 

I will give the patterns next time, because I need to scan the paper of how to draft this pattern directly to the fabric. The patterns is basically an inspiration from my previous one hour tops for adults, you just apply it for baby size. I think this will fit a 3-9 months old perfectly, or you can say this is size M (depends on your baby size and weight whether it fits or not). 

Sew a One Hour Tops

I think I could not live without my sewing machine. Last week, when I compiling all of my fabric remnants and some of the fabric that I bought on sale, I was thinking of making a simple project. This project is a simple tops without the need to have a draft pattern. You just draw it directly on the fabric and then sew, sew, sew. 

The projects that I made is from a book called "Quick Sewing of Homewear by Direct Cutting that Eliminates Patterns".  This book is published by Kamakura Shobo (Japanese book). A Stitch House Edition. Currently, I have 3 books under Stitch House editions. I really looove these books. One for 2-5 years old, and the other from 8-13 years old. The books have easy directions from drafting patterns to how to finish the designs. The books also gives you what kind of fabric is appropriate for a certain pattern, which I find it convenient. 

Well here is the outcome from the fabric. It requires 1.5 meter. But, I have the fabric short of 0.1m. I guess, it turns out fine, since it is just 10cm short.

Sewing time is only 1 hour including marking and cutting the fabric directly. You will need bias tape and some elastic string to sew this design. This top is so easy that you can also made this as a special gift. Handmade gift to your family and friends. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A day at the beach

Last two weeks we went to area near Teluk Kumbar, I forgot the name of the place. There is a beautiful place other than Batu Ferringhi. We brought some sandwiches, but luck is not on our side, it was going to rain. So, we could spent a few minutes enjoying the sand and clear water. 

Tasneem one and a half year old , is still afraid of the sand and the splashing sea water.

Fizah's Engagement

Ahha, finally I got the pictures taken during Fizah's engagement.  The six of us. Well, I am the eldest out of six. From back left, it's me, Fizah, Am, Idzyan. From the front left Ilyana and Ilyasa. 

Spa Q or Bishop Style

Some of my customers requested me to do a Spa Q style for their kurung modern.  I did a little research and found out it is basically a Bishop style. This style needs cuff or shirred or elastized at the end of the arm. For glamorous effect, it requires shirring or elasticizing at slightly upper from your elbow. 

Here are some pictures to show what I mean. 

How to do this pattern, here is a link to Jom Jahit by Kak Nab in Tangan Kembung Ala Spa-Q http://kaknab-jomjahit.blogspot.com/search/label/jahitan

The material needed to do this design for the dress is extra quarter meter. If you usually requires 2 meters, now you need 2  1/4 meters. 

If anybody has suggestions or comments regarding this post, please tell me so. Thank you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to look best in clothing - Pear shaped

Last week I went to Borders and happened to read a US magazine about fashion (I don't remember the title of the magazine) . In one of the pages, my eyes attracted to the title " What is your body type". I have known about body type apple, pear, hourglass and banana (straight).
There is a simple quiz, basically a calculation of waist to hip ratio to determine whether are we in the pear shape or not.

Well I am under the pear shape. Which is basically when you gain weight, most of the time your fat stores will go down to your buttock and hips. Also, your shoulders and other parts in the top looks smaller compared to those in the lower part. Hahaha, this is typical for most women. 

This is the proper definition from Wikipedia: Pear or spoon or bell (triangle upward)
The hip measurement is greater than the bust measurement.[1] The distribution of fat varies, with fat tending to deposit first in the buttocks, hips and thighs. As body fat percentage increases, an increasing proportion of body fat is distributed around the waist and upper abdomen.

To learn more about types of body shape could make us look best in the right clothing, I made a little research on the internet. This is what I could summarize from my reading (from what I remember). So, what types of clothing will look best for Pear shape : 
  • wear tops basically end at the hipline, it will makes you look equally distributed from top and bottom
  • you can also wear tops that end 3" below you kneeline. Don't wear it above 3" from your kneeline. For example jubah or kebaya that ends 3" lower than your kneeline.
  • most of your accessories should be on top, that is wear necklace, lovely shawl, or have ruffles to your top clothing will make it look best
  • should wear bright tops and darker shades for the bottom. for example skirts should be black or no designs 
  • For skirts, you will look best in A-line. Also, it will not look best if you are wearing skirts upper your kneeline.
  • For tops, it would be nice if you have shoulder pad for certain clothing. For example, baju kurung, kebaya, it will looks best if you have this. (but shoulder pad is not suitable for apple shape)
That's all for now, next time I will discuss about apple shape.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tips Jahitan Kemas

Untuk mendapat kekemasan jahitan, banyak faktor perlu diambil kira:

1. Proses menanda di atas pola pakaian, mestilah terang dan senang nampak supaya apabila hendak dijahit nanti tidak berada diluar daripada garisan pola. Selalunya saya tanda gunakan kapur untuk kain kapas dan gunakan roda surih bersama kertas karbon bagi kain licin dan lembut.
Not recommended: Kadang-kadang saya gunakan pen untuk tanda dibahagian leher baju kurung bila tidak gunakan fasing - hasilnya cantik dan kemas, kena tindih betul2 atas garisan pen.

2. Jenis jarum yang digunakan mestilah bersesuaian. Seperti jarum nombor 80/11 untuk kain yang nipis atau jenis kebanyakan kain kita buat baju kurung. Kain jeans yang tebal , kain langsir tebal atau ketika hendak menjahit balkrum/ pita bersama getah sesuai gunakan jarum besar 100/16. Mata jahitan akan nampak satu-satu dan tidak menjadi longgar.

3. Kesesuaian lebar mata jahitan. Jarak yang cantik dan kemas antara 2.5 mm ke 3 mm untuk pakaian. Jarak 4 mm ke atas selalunya sesuai untuk cadar atau langsir. Jarak 2mm sesuai untuk tikam leher baju kurung supaya apabila diterbalikkan fasing akan jadi tajam dan kemas di bucu. 

4. Jenis tapak mesin jahitan. Jenis tapak mesin juga mempengaruhi cara kita menjahit pakaian. Seperti tapak lurus, akan memudahkan kita jahit lurus. Gunakan tapak zip untuk menjahit zip supaya dapat jahit rapat dgn zip. Tapak zip juga boleh digunakan ketika hendak menjahit pita getah di pinggang. 

5. Ketegangan benang di mesin jahit dan gelendung/sekoci. Ketegangan benang penting untuk mendapatkan mata jahitan yang cantik dan kemas. Selalunya untuk kain yang licin dan lembut, ketegangan perlu dikurangkan seperti brand Singer (kurang drp 4). Jikalau kain langsir atau cotton seeloknya dilaraskan pada 3.5 ke 4 atau 5. 

Setakat ini saja yang dapat saya fikirkan. Jikalau ada sebarang komen atau tambahan silalah komen di bawah ini.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gaun Hijau Tasneem

Setelah puas melihat design baju kanak2 di Jusco,saya bertekad nak menjahit design lain dari yg selalu saya buat. Ropol2 di lengan. Kain corak hijau jenis Ice Wash yg lembut. Amat sesuai bagi kanak2 utk dipakai sebab dia lembut dan beralun untuk pattern ni. 

Bahagian collar tu saya nampak kosong, jadi saya jahit bullion rose di situ. Dah menjadi ketagih kalau dah pandai menjahit bullion rose (ada setengah org panggil jahitan ni ulat-ulat). 

Kain Kipas Depan

Ada seorang customer minta saya buatkan kain kipas depan. Saya tak pernah lihat tapi pernah dengar tentang design kain ni. Jadi waktu balik Alor Setar aritu, saya tanya makcik macam mana nak buat design kain ni. 

Alhamdulillah, saya ikut cara yang diberitahu, jadi inilah hasilnya. Customer pon puas hati. Tapi yang cerewetnya nak menjahit kain ni, kita kena jahit lurus di sepanjang tiap2 kipas yang dibuat. Hasilnya, cantik, amat sesuai untuk dipakai bersama kebaya pendek. 

Fizah Bertunang

Aku balik 3 hari lebih awal untuk tolong apa yang patut di rumah sebelum majlis pertunangan Fizah. Fizah mai amik aku dan Tasneem siap-siap. Majlis sepatutnya bermula pada pukul 11 pagi, tetapi sebab pihak lelaki lambat, dimulakan pada pukul 1 ptg. Gap 2 jam tu.. Anakku demam pula pada hari majlis sebab dua hari sebelum tu Tasneem jatuh 3 anak tangga. So, tadaklah gambar aku dgn anakku. Gambar kami adik beradik, tiada dalam camera ku, jadi tak boleh posting di sini. Aisey, jurugambar tak amik gambar guna kamera aku pulak.. terlupa agaknya.

                     Kedua-dua pihak sedang berbincang.

Sedondon baju gown Ilyana dan Tasneem

                                     Baju aku jahit untuk Ilyasa dan Ilyana sempena majlis               




Fizah dgn family bakal mertua