Sunday, April 19, 2009

One Hour Tops for Baby

This cute tops requires one hour or less of sewing time. The material needed is cotton fabric about 90cm width with a length of 40-50cm, bias tape about 1 meter, elastic thread for the arms, elastic string and some embellishments. For this tops, I used just simple ribbons sewed directly on top of it.

I have several of cotton remnants this small and I want to make out something with it. Actually, I was making this tops for my one and a half year old daughter. I was using the same bust measurement when she was 6 months. But, it did not fit her. Haha, well I guess this will be a gift to whoever I know that will have a baby girl. 

I will give the patterns next time, because I need to scan the paper of how to draft this pattern directly to the fabric. The patterns is basically an inspiration from my previous one hour tops for adults, you just apply it for baby size. I think this will fit a 3-9 months old perfectly, or you can say this is size M (depends on your baby size and weight whether it fits or not). 

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