Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sew a One Hour Tops

I think I could not live without my sewing machine. Last week, when I compiling all of my fabric remnants and some of the fabric that I bought on sale, I was thinking of making a simple project. This project is a simple tops without the need to have a draft pattern. You just draw it directly on the fabric and then sew, sew, sew. 

The projects that I made is from a book called "Quick Sewing of Homewear by Direct Cutting that Eliminates Patterns".  This book is published by Kamakura Shobo (Japanese book). A Stitch House Edition. Currently, I have 3 books under Stitch House editions. I really looove these books. One for 2-5 years old, and the other from 8-13 years old. The books have easy directions from drafting patterns to how to finish the designs. The books also gives you what kind of fabric is appropriate for a certain pattern, which I find it convenient. 

Well here is the outcome from the fabric. It requires 1.5 meter. But, I have the fabric short of 0.1m. I guess, it turns out fine, since it is just 10cm short.

Sewing time is only 1 hour including marking and cutting the fabric directly. You will need bias tape and some elastic string to sew this design. This top is so easy that you can also made this as a special gift. Handmade gift to your family and friends. 


Anonymous said...

hello farahana, nama saya pn. akmal. i wld like to kno where did you buy those japanese books (english vers) by kamakura publishing. i used to have one, but hv torned apart. can u email me the bookshop add? my email is thx lots.

Farahana said...

Hi Akhmal,

I bought this book from used bookstore in Bazaar Chulia in Georgetown, Penang. Just found it when I browsed for sewing book. Very glad that I bought it.