Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tutorial – How to Make Button Loops

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Fabric loop or fabric tunnel adds an elegant touch to projects that we make. It is suitable for making spaghetti straps, bag closures, frog closures, string belts and button loops (for blouses, gowns and kebayas).

In this tutorial I will use loop turner as opposed to using traditional thread and needle which I find it difficult.

Where to get it, it is hard to find one in Malaysia though. But, you can try and look for this item in sewing or craft supplies shop.


1. Measure and cut out a piece of cloth about 1” wide in bias angle.



2. Before sewing, meet the right sides together. We are going to sew on the wrong side.


3. Sew about 5mm wide, it is about the size of under your machine. (I am making button closures suitable for kebaya and blouses, so the size appropriate is 5mm, you can use a different width depending on your project use)

Adjusts the fabric at the end of the arrow. You will get exactly 5mm width of sewn strip.

** I am using contrasting thread so that you can see it clearly. Make sure that starting stitches need to be wider a bit than 5mm. It is to make an easier turning of the strip when it is done.

4. Next, trim off the excess fabric. It will make an easier turning if it is not too bulky. The width is about the same as your stitching. In this case it is about 5mm width.

5. To turn it over, insert loop turner and attach the end of the loop with the fabric together.Slowly pull the loop turner.



6. There it is done.

I hope this tutorial helps. If there are any comments or concerns please ask. Thank you.

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peace said...

If I'm not mistaken, we can find loop turner (& many other things)at Art Friends,Lot T-213, 3rd Floor, The Gardens.