Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sew Kebaya

Last week I made two short kebayas for a teenage customers. However there are two styles for the kebaya pattern. One we called it modern kebaya and the other kebaya lapel. Drafting pattern for the arms will  be gorgeous if it really fits your arms. Make a 1 1/2 inch or a 2 inch for the easiness around the armhole. The sleeve width is around 18-20 cm (for small hands, for bigger hands I suggest you use a bigger measurements). However, you must make sure that the sleeve width will fit all your fingers right through it. If not, you cannot go through the sleeves. 

For drafting the patterns, I am using the pattern in "Variasi Seni Jahitan" and "Variasi Teknik Menjahit" books. I am not directly using the pattern from one version. It is a mix and match, for example, for the lapel, I am using a measurement for the kebaya lapel, but for the hands I am
using the guidance for Kebaya Kota Baru style. 

 Kebaya Lapel

Modern Kebaya

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