Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boys Yellow Shirt - First attempt

This is my first attempt of making baby boys shirt. By using my daughter one year old pattern and from my experience of making collars, this is how it turns out. But, one mistake that I made is that the collar is weird, probably because I didn't see the sewing notions that say put fabric on fold side. But, it is ok. A man never learns if he does not make mistakes. Well I will do better in my second attempt at doing boys shirt collar. 

Baby Smocking Tops

Smocking with this design of fabric is easy because it already have the dots. I used honey comb smocking technique. This is my first attempt at sewing smocking tops and also my second attempt of doing collars.  It turns out that I am doing well. However, whenever I see it, this top lacks colors. I need to use bold colors for smocking so that it stands out. 

Sew Teddy Bear

This teddy bear is made from felt and scraps of fabric. I print out the free patterns from a website.
My daughter is very happy and like to play with it. All in all, toys for your baby don't have to be expensive. It just needs little creativity and efforts to make it priceless.

Recyled Jeans - Baby Overall

This is a matching cardigan sewed in advance to match any dress or gowns that are sleeveless. However this one matches the overall perfectly with the same bullion roses at the sleeves and same bias tape fabric color.

This baby overall is made from a torn, worn out pair of jeans (basically it is a recycled jeans). So, I sewed it into an overall baby gown. Of course to make it more personalized, I have to embroider this overall with some bullion roses and chain stitches on top of the overall. This is how it looked like before and after. 

Matching white cardigan with an overall embroidered jeans on the two tiny pockets and at the end of the gown.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What am I doing right now?

There are a few projects that I have not finished yet: 

1) Ilyana green gowns - which I will post the pictures if I have finished doing it. Now it is still in progress. This  gown is to be worn during Fizah's upcoming majlis tunang

2) My 2 baju kurungs - maybe try to do a kebarung.. for a new challenge

3) Baby boys t-shirt.

4) Tasneem's smocking green gown

5) Idzyan's kebaya and kurung modern.

Here the lists is kept coming on and on. But one thing for sure is that I need real determination to finish certain project from A-Z. I hope that I will finish everything with ease. Insyaallah. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cute Crocheted Dolls (amigurumi)

Here are a few crocheted dolls that I made last year for Tasneem. Some were given to my sister and brother and some for two of my niece. I took the pattern from websites that give free patterns. I am using a size 3/4 mm hook (F and G size in US) and a size F ball of yarns. 

This duck pattern from Lionbrandyarn.com