Thursday, May 14, 2009

Peasant Blouse for Children


I was thinking of making peasant blouse for my niece who lives in KL. I did not know her measurement, but just know her age which is 7 years old. So, I tried using the patterns for age 7 from this book “159 Pieces; 4 to 10 Year Olds. As Each is in 3 sizes, All can Fit Children of Any Size” and luckily when I gave it to her to try it, it fits her very well. This is a Japanese sewing book from Stitch House Children’s Wear (English Edition).



Actually the patterns is for a full dress, but I only have a one meter of this strawberry cotton fabric, so, I need to make some adjustments to the blouse. I shirred using elastic thread at the waist so that it will not make it look really loose when she wears it.

Things needed to make this peasant blouse are:

- elastic tape 5mm, elastic thread, 1 meter of cotton fabric

Time to complete to make this blouse is about 3 hours from pattern drafting to final sewing.

Here is the close up for the neckline, I insert elastic tape about 30cm in length.


Insert elastic thread about 20cm for the arms.


I shirred using elastic thread twice in the waist area.


Tips on sewing this dress, for the armhole area, please measure the armhole length from the body and the armhole length should be the same, so that you will have exact measurements from end to end.


Amanda said...

That shirt is great and doesn't seem to be that hard to make. When I am not in the mood to make some shirts or don't have time I go here things for baby girls.

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I started enjoying my sewing after I left my job as my eldest started his schooling,,therefore sewing keeps me busy...I started attending sewing classes to kill my time..and now after all my kids gone to work n uni n to school I started my sewing hobbies is a great hobby where it can be a business too..keep on with your hobby dear..

shidah said...

where i can get this book? how much?

Farahana said...

I bought this book at Chowrasta used bookstore. A bless, a hard and rare to find books are here.