Friday, May 1, 2009

Receive an Award

This is my first time receive an award from someone. It is from Ilarazali whom I known from WMC. Thank you Ilarazali. Well I do not know how to put it on the right side of this web, so I am pasting the award here. 

What I have known so far about Ila from the web, she is very funny (from the way she express her feelings on her blog), interesting, I think talkative, and loves to cook. I am sure she is a very amiable person to be with. She looks very much like my cousin too. 

Thank you once again. 

P/s: I am posting this from my hometown. I could not publish any posting for the next one or maybe 2 weeks the max, thanks to TM for their slow service. 

1 comment:

wanita besi said...

Hehehe...tahniah atas award yang dimenangi. Hahahaha....

Ana, mmg betul laa my personality as u describe tu. Hahahaa.. Me & family mmg spesis enjoy je. Tp kadang2 ada jugak ributnya. hehehe..biasa lah tu kan..

anyway thanks yer coz sudi jadi kawan saya. moga banyak info yang dapat kita kongsi bersama.