Friday, May 15, 2009

Japanese Books

On the 8th of May, my family and I went to KL because of my husband’s cousin wedding. On top of that, I have an agenda to accomplish while I was in KL. So, on the first day, we went to Kinokuniya in KLCC. The bookstore is so big that I might be lost in it. The books are divided into different sections by language.

So, I went to the Japanese section, hoping to find the sewing books that I dreamed about for so long. I roamed through the bookshelves at the Craft section looking for baby and toddlers handmade sewing books. I found many sewing books for children. I ran through all the pages of each book, trying to find which one will fit for my taste. With a limited budget amount of money, I chose this sewing book. This has patterns for 60,75,80,90. Which I think from 6 months until 3 years old (worth the money spent).


Besides that, I also looked at the crochet and knitting section, I found this lovely book “Crochet Lace”. It has various designs of doily and also have patterns for making flowers and bags too.


I was so eager to try one of the patterns, so I made this while I was at home.



MaryAnne said...

beautiful doily, and those books look very interesting!

Farahana said...

yes they are very interesting books!

Kak Nik said...

yes farahana, my hobby is sewing are just like me..a Japanese books' maniac.So every time i go to Kl,Kinokuniya's Japanese section is my favourite spot..and there i can also meet our species who love sewing..he..he

Farahana said...

Kak Nik,

Hehe..ya love the Kinokuniya especially the crafts section.