Friday, October 23, 2009

Crocheted Necklace


This is so cute. As soon as I looked at the pictures I want to make one for Tasneem, crocheted necklace. Easy and simple to make, and of course no one will ever want to steal it.

The pictures that I mentioned was in a crocheted book that I found at Popular bookstores near the DIY Chinese section. I think this book is translated in Chinese from Japanese version.



But, although you could not read in Chinese or Japanese, the diagram is very simple to follow unlike to long wordy instructions which is prone to make mistakes or do not understand how to do it at all.

After a few times using the crochet diagram, I think that there are lots and lots of things I want to make. For example, making doily, purses, and flowers.


Ok, back to description of the necklace, instead of using bigger pearl beads, I use bigger buttons to close it. I sew pink beads on top of the flowers.

The thread I use is just for 1.5 to 2mm crochet hooks. But I want it to be bigger, so I used a larger hooks, 3mm size.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Checked red and white Shirt-Blouse for Toddlers


I wanted to make tops like an adult applied to children. It looks really cute whenever the little ones wear it. Actually I am making this top for her to wear during Hari Raya.

There are steps that you must follow to achieve in making this top:

1 – Pin tuck and sew along the lines of the fabric

2 – Draft patterns and cut the fabric with the lines on top of it

3 – Mark patterns on fabric, serge the edges

4 – Sew shoulders to shoulders, use bias tape for a finished neckline look ( I use white cotton bias strip).

5 – Sew the armhole and sew the bodice.

6 – Attach ribbons and lace


7 – Make button hole and sew buttons on top of it.

8 - Lastly, sew cute little flowers on top of the blouse


My experiences in making this top:

1 – Tedious but the outcome is amazing

2 – Use cotton bias tape for easier finish at the neckline.

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