Thursday, October 8, 2009

Checked red and white Shirt-Blouse for Toddlers


I wanted to make tops like an adult applied to children. It looks really cute whenever the little ones wear it. Actually I am making this top for her to wear during Hari Raya.

There are steps that you must follow to achieve in making this top:

1 – Pin tuck and sew along the lines of the fabric

2 – Draft patterns and cut the fabric with the lines on top of it

3 – Mark patterns on fabric, serge the edges

4 – Sew shoulders to shoulders, use bias tape for a finished neckline look ( I use white cotton bias strip).

5 – Sew the armhole and sew the bodice.

6 – Attach ribbons and lace


7 – Make button hole and sew buttons on top of it.

8 - Lastly, sew cute little flowers on top of the blouse


My experiences in making this top:

1 – Tedious but the outcome is amazing

2 – Use cotton bias tape for easier finish at the neckline.

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