Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dress from a Long-Sleeved Shirt

My sister Idzyan could not fit anymore in this shirt, so rather than throw it away, I said "why don't you give it to me". The reason is so that I could make something for Tasneem out of it.


I browsed this Japanese book, and I think that the pattern below is suitable for this kind of material.



After tracing and cut out the patterns provided in the booklet, I put the front pattern directly near the buttons, so that I do not have to sew any buttons at all. Saves a lot of time from doing button holes and button sewing.

The finished look of the dress (this is to be worn during Raya).



This is how the back side looks like. Since the outcome is rather big for Tasneem (she can still fit a 6 months old clothes) , maybe she could wear it with a long sleeved shirt inside.


For the neck and the armhole area, I used bias tape for a beautiful and neat finish. Oh, how I loved using it after knowing that it can provide clean finish and saves time compared to using facing (if you know what I mean).

Materials needed:

1) Shirt / long or short sleeve will be okay

2) Bias tape – I use white cotton bias tape

Note: no buttons required since I used from the shirt itself


Making this dress was fun and a challenge for me. I love making something and turns it out into something new. I think that using bias tape for the neckline and arm finishes will give it like “buy it from the store look”. People would not know that you made the clothes yourself rather than think that you bought the product.

This is an easy project, even a beginner can try it out. No need to do button holes and button sewing for the moment. The time from pattern drafting to final sewing is about 3 hours.


nurazimah said...

wah..teror akak recycle baju lama...menjadi...

Farahana said...

tenkiu imah, akak just trace dari pattern buku ja.

Zura said...

salam, this is so cantik! nampak cam jahit baru baju tu, great idea :)