Sunday, August 23, 2009

Toddler Peasant Blouse

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It has been long since I updated this website. I have been very busy lately. But, sewing is still my hobby during my leisure time. Last time, I have been making four sewing projects. One of them is making a top for my daughter which is a peasant top for Hari Raya.

Why did I chose this pattern anyway? Maybe it is because I bought this Japanese book, Cucito in July 2009.


One of the baby model in the book looks so cute (kawaii ) wearing peasant blouse made with plaid pattern fabric. This inspires me to make one for Tasneem.


After I finished sewing for this pattern, I found that it looked like something went missing. I wanted to make it look more beautiful. So, I sewed nearly a one meter white embellishment which you can insert small pink ribbons into it at the waist area. Basically it is to complement with the pink bias tape at the neckline area.


The result is fabulous. I love the final look.


Materials I use for this project:

1) pattern for this design ( i used for 80 cm toddler size)

2) half a meter of cotton fabric (i used remnants which bought from Kamdar)

3) one meter white embellishment

4) 5mm ribbons

5) elastic tape for the neckline and the arms

6) bias tape for the neckline (this is optional, you can just sew the neckline area without bias tape, but it will be a little crooked)

Experience in making this project:

I think this is an easy project, you all should try it. I can finish it within 3 hours. From pattern drafting to final sewing.

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