Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Embroidered Bawal Scarf (Sulam tudung Bawal)

My customer asked me if I can embroider bawal scarf for her. Well, I must say this is my first time doing it on a scarf. She wants a simple design for her tudung.

My experience while embroidered the bullion roses on this soft and fragile scarf is that it is hard to maintain and to pull out the thread through the needle. It is easier though on Tasneem’s cardigan.

The material I used to embroider this tudung are
a) “Sharp” type needle

b) DMC embroidery floss . This one I used 3 strands of floss to make the bullion roses and leaves.

This is the picture taken after embroidered at the corner of the scarf.



For second tudung/scarf. This design is taken from Rosita books. Thanks to Aina Creative World for her information on “Info Mulakan Sulaman” that mentioned about tracing the design by putting the scarf (sheer) over it. So, I did that technique and walla here the outcomes. I like this one though.


DSC04544 DSC04545

Hope that the owner likes it.

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