Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby Gown from Japanese sewing book


I made this baby gown using the pattern from this japanese sewing book (ISBN: 978-4-8163-4652-1)which I bought at Kinokuniya Bookstore.



The fabric used was from Idzyan’s Kebaya (cotton fabric remnants about 30cm or less) and I mixed with some of this cotton fabric that I use it to make baby tops in my previous posts. Total fabric needed about 50cm to 60cm. For Tasneem, I added lace to make it longer than her knee.

For the bias tape, I use the same fabric as the bottom part. This is to make it looks like store bought. I made the bias tape myself, did not use any Clover or any bias tape maker. I hope that one day I will have one for myself.


I added small flower that I got it from kenduri (usually from handkerchief given to guest) to make it look nicer.So, don’t throw away those little flowers, you might need it for any projects in the future!


At the back I alter it a bit, not using bias tape as a closure, but I sew small red button with a blanket stitch as a closure. Pretty easy and simple.



Tasneem and her maksu Ilyana.

My experiences in making this gown:

a) need lots of patients especially in making the ruffles and bias tape, very tedious though

b) don’t rush in making it, so that the outcome will come out perfect

c) easy to handle when using cotton as the material

So, that is all for today. 


nurazimah said...

Comel!!imah suka....jeles tengok akak sempat jahit dengan anak-anak lagi...mesti penat kan...!!

farahana said...

Thank you Nurazimah.