Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baby Two-Tiered Gown


I had always wanted to make this kind of dress, but it requires a lot of work such as making the ruffles, adding two small ties at the back, really it is a lot of work.

At first I was thinking of making an A line dress for Tasneem, but since her Maksu wanted a long dress below her knee, then it is not enough to make one. So, I use the remnants of the 2 meters to make a 2 tiered gown.

This dress is made out of 3/4 meter of fabric. Actually I bought 2 meter of this fabric. One for her Maksu (8 years old) and one for Tasneem. Both of the dress are finished within a week of my leisure time.

How did I make this dress, I use the same top pattern as my previous post about baby gown.

How to make ruffles for the tiered gown? I use sewing machine, set the stitch to the longest stitch per inch you could get, then you sew along the line. Then you cut out the thread, and then slowly pull out the thread to make ruffles along the fabric.

Since this dress looks dull and boring, I use the same white bias tape to make two ribbons to attached to it. I also sewed white ribbon along the tiered to make it looks more shine and elegance.


Here is how it looks from the back side of the dress. Easy no zipper at the back, just one button with a short slit at the back of the dress.


This is how it looks like when my daughter wears it.



Although this dress took a long time and patience to make, but the result is fabulous, I love to see my child smiling and happy with her dress. She looks really adorable in it. I am glad that I was forced to make this dress once.

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