Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Recyled Jeans - Baby Overall

This is a matching cardigan sewed in advance to match any dress or gowns that are sleeveless. However this one matches the overall perfectly with the same bullion roses at the sleeves and same bias tape fabric color.

This baby overall is made from a torn, worn out pair of jeans (basically it is a recycled jeans). So, I sewed it into an overall baby gown. Of course to make it more personalized, I have to embroider this overall with some bullion roses and chain stitches on top of the overall. This is how it looked like before and after. 

Matching white cardigan with an overall embroidered jeans on the two tiny pockets and at the end of the gown.


faiz said...

this is gorgeous!!
kalau upah, how much u charge:)

Farahana said...

Cardigan and the jeans will be RM30. Includes embroidery.