Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spa Q or Bishop Style

Some of my customers requested me to do a Spa Q style for their kurung modern.  I did a little research and found out it is basically a Bishop style. This style needs cuff or shirred or elastized at the end of the arm. For glamorous effect, it requires shirring or elasticizing at slightly upper from your elbow. 

Here are some pictures to show what I mean. 

How to do this pattern, here is a link to Jom Jahit by Kak Nab in Tangan Kembung Ala Spa-Q

The material needed to do this design for the dress is extra quarter meter. If you usually requires 2 meters, now you need 2  1/4 meters. 

If anybody has suggestions or comments regarding this post, please tell me so. Thank you.


Norazihan said...

salam farhana, menarik fesyen ni. nak jugak try buat satu. akak ada back link to this blog from Sulam Sayang. jumpa lagi....

farahana said...

ya ok, saya pon suka pattern ni. nak buat satu utk saya nanti.