Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another One Hour Tops for toddler size

I guess I am not satisfied since Tasneem could not wear the previous tops that I am trying to make one for her. So, I decided to make another one with a different style for her. This one I am using one of Stitch House edition books titled " Cute Infants Outgrow Clothes Quickly, 58 Tots Clothes Paired with Dolls".  Although this book titled states infant, but it is actually a toddler size for 2 or 3 and for 4 or 5 years old. I am lucky because my daughter fits this tops although it looks kind of big for her shoulder. 

This is a direct cut fabric and sew just needs a total of hour only. Absolutely perfect for present to little girl of your family and friends. The material needed is only half a meter of 45" cotton fabric, 30cm elastic tape and 32cm bias tape for the neck.


nur said...

kat mane beli buku nih kak

Farahana said...


Buku ni beli kat kedai used bookstore di Bazar Chowrasta Penang. Memang untung kebetulan terjumpa buku jahit nih, susah nak cari.