Monday, March 14, 2011

Crocheted Hat for 3 year old

DSC_2320 baby hat_520x346
One of my husband’s collegue order this hat for her niece. Same age as Tasneem with 19” head circumference. She wanted her niece to wear this for their trip to Taiwan next month. It will be chilly there although it is just spring time.
So, I suggested using cotton blended yarn because it has acrylic too, which will give warmth during their stay there. This hat has brim to protect against sun rays. It is also suitable to be worn in Malaysia.
 DSC_2326 baby hat_346x520 DSC_2339 baby hat_519x346
I inserted ribbons and embellish with simple flowers using Nona acrylic yarns.


TinyTini said...

cantiknya! so sweet!

Farahana said...

thank you Tini..