Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Hat

DSC_0365 playground sri nibong jan 2011_1037x691
Let me just put what I have crocheted these past months. It did not mean that I did not do anything for my hobby, but there weren’t time for me to update this blog. Really, my second daughter needed me to always carry her whenever she is awake.
So, right now I am going to update whatever my creations for the last few months.
Tasneem’s hat, made using 100% Nona Acrylic (just want to try out the from the Japanese pattern book). The hook sizes state 5, but at that time I was not sure is that 5mm or just size 5 in Japan. But, unfortunately it is not 5mm as I was expected, it is size 5. So, I have to googled out to find what is the equivalent size for 5, it is actually 3.4mm, but I subsitute it with 3.5mm. Well, it turns out well and fits my 3 year plus daughter with 19” hat circumference.
The pictures taken at a playground near our house by my husband.
DSC_0227 playground sri nibong jan 2011_691x1037
DSC_0261 playground sri nibong jan 2011_1037x691
This is my second daughter, Humayra. She loves to be cuddled. I made this using 100% acrylic yarn using 5mm hook. But, this was just for trial. Looks, how many colors are there in the hat. I wanted to finish up any leftover yarns. So, that I can fill it up with other yarns that I bought. Hehe.
The pattern for the hat is from the cocoon baby hat pattern. What I did is just make the brim with sc all around the hat for 4 times and made the ruffles edging using shell stitches.
I ended up adorned both hats using ribbons. Easy to insert it using very large needles and no sewing needed.
DSC_0278 playground sri nibong jan 2011_1037x691

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