Sunday, December 11, 2011

Urban Girl Tote bags and baby hat for customer

Really apologizes for not updating this blog for so long. But, along the way, I have lots of stories to tell you all about what I did for the past few months. Crocheting and sewing stuffs. Hehe..wait for another entry.Open-mouthed smile

DSC_2785 hats & bags watermarked

DSC_2727 hats & bags watermarked

My husband’s friend wanted to order something for his nieces. So he was asking me to do something for the girls. Which takes some time figuring out what to make. Something easy and nice and practical for all of them. I do not want to make something that is not suitable and practical for the girls. And walla, totes idea came to my mind after browsing for free patterns on the Lion brand website. They can use the totes to put pocket money (duit raya) inside it. I know, my 3 year old Tasneem would love to have something like this, so bright and can put her personal belongings inside the small cute tote. But, I did not make her one. I will though. One day!Winking smile

For the tote, it is Urban Girl Tote, free pattern taken from Lion Brand Yarn website. This is very easy pattern and finish up fast. The only thing I adjust was make the handles longer. I am using Nona double stranded yarn and 5.5mm crochet hook for the tote. After that, I embellished with crocheted flower and also crocheted butterflies, and sew it to the totes.

DSC_2797 hats & bags watermarked


DSC_2755 hats & bags watermarked

The baby hat was for 6-12 months old. The mother did not want any ribbons or buttons attached to the hat. Just plain and simple will do.

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