Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby Blue Crocheted Dress


This baby blue crocheted dress is made with 100% cotton yarn. The technique is using a solomon’s knot at the lower down of the dress to create a lacy look.


The amount of yarn I am using is just 1/2 of the skein, not much. That means, I am using about 75m long instead of 125m for the total of the whole skein.

I am using a 5.5mm hook although the pattern states to use a 4-5mm hook. The outcome of the dress looks suitable for baby ranges from 3-6 months old. That is what I intended to do, since for newborns clothes, they need to wear much more warmer clothing, so a sleeveless dress is totally out of the question.

The pattern was taken from a website with instructions on how to do a solomon’s knot. From the website, she did not do a lining for the dress, but for mine, I made one chiffon lining about 1/4 meter. On the inside I made a ruffled lining and hand stitch both materials together.


It is much more appropriate to wear, and those tiny little feet will not get tangled in between the solomon’s knot!


I am so impressed with the results. My upcoming daughter will sure look adorable and cute in this dress. Though I think this is not so perfect look since this is my first time in doing this pattern (for me, a first tryout always not perfect, will have some flaw somewhere).

At the back part, two shank buttons have been sewed into the them. For the opening, I just used the advantage of double crochet (dc) space to insert the buttons. It works perfectly fine. No need to do a buttonhole closure anymore.



How much time to do this pattern, I think for the cotton yarn I am using will take about 4-5 hours, but if using an acrylic or sorrento viscose yarn, will take about 3 hours to finish it.


- S R R - said...

farahana, ko x teringin ke nak buat bisnes jual handmade dress? mesti laku. seriously lawa baju anak ko heheh

farahana said...

ada buat, sorang ja baru tempah..hehe

M for MYSTICAL said...

NICE dress!! :)

nafisa81 said...

aduaiii...tiba2 rasa cam nak anak pompuan lak..

SyahNur said...

uniknye crocheted dress ni... 1st time tgk! hehe...

Farahana said...

M, Nafisa,SyahNur,

Thank you. Actually ada customer yang tempah sehelai selepas melihat baju ni directly. Anaknya 4bln, so minta dikecilkan sedikit.

Fariza said...


Bole amik upah jahit crochet? saya nak repair alas meja yang berlubang? bole ke? where is yr location? tq

Fariza said...

Bole amik upah jahit crochet? I nak repair alas meja yang berlubang. If dapt repaur boleh pakai lagi. where is yr location? Tq

Farahana said...

Hi Fariza,

Saya bukanla expert, untuk repair alas meja kena tgk dulu macam mana design dia. Adakalanya repetition yang dicantum. Tapi selalunya, kalau dah berlubang or rosak, tak boleh direpair lagi sebab yarn dia connected antara satu sama lain. Minta maaf saya tak boleh ambil tempahan utk ini.