Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cute Baby Bibs from Towel


While I was busy crocheting in the last few weeks, I felt that I need to do some sewing. So, I rummaged through my pile of fabric in the box and saw three towels. I wondered for a moment, why are these here. Then I remembered that these are for making bibs.

I thought of making 2 sided bibs, and look for a matching color with the towels.


Here are the results. These were easy to do and not took me long enough to finish it. I think within an hour you can finish up to 4-5 bibs.


For the pink one, I think I need to sew some embellishments for it since it looks dull and boring. Maybe sew a button and embellish it with flower embroidery will be nice.


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lia said...

comel sangat!!and soooo creative...