Monday, May 17, 2010

Crocheted Tiny House

Last Sunday, I finished making these cute tiny little house for dolls. I found the pattern inside a Chinese Crochet Book, bought at Popular Bookstores. The instructions needed me to use a size 8mm crochet hook (the bigger the hook mm, the larger the project will be).
Eager to do so, I did it without noticing that the yellow yarn only was not enough to do the wall part. But, luckily I combined with another yellow yarn but with different shades to finish up the product.
Tired of making spots for the roof’s house, I just leave it as it is.
Well, my daughter Tasneem seemed really happy to have a cute little house with a small door on it. What did she do after that was putting all the cornflakes (cereal) inside the house, and eat from it. What on earth!
This house needs some sewing because you need to make the parts come together. So, before this, I just used the hook to make it come together.
Now with this big yarn needle I can basically insert the huge yarn into the hole with a breeze. See, how big the hole they are.
And I can finish up the projects in a short amount of time.
Next time, there is no excuse for me to do more amigurumi in the future. With the help of the needle, it was really interesting to join crochet parts together.
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