Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Patchwork for baby blanket

I am bored waiting for the baby to come out. Right now, it has been 39 weeks. The doctor said that my baby can come out anytime soon.
So, instead of just wasting my boring time with nothing, I rummaged my piles of cotton fabric looking for the right shades to sew into many small patchworks.
Right now, I only managed to make 5 sets of patchwork flowers. I need to make at least another 5 more, so that they will cover most of the blanket size.
How it looks like at the back side of the patchwork. I am using a hexagon templates made with plastic at a craftstore in Alor Setar. The sizes are all even an easy to attach from corner to corner using whipstitch.
I am hoping that I will finish this project either before or after the baby comes out.

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