Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Combined technique – Crochet and Sew a dress for Raya

The pattern was taken from Crochet Magazine. I really like this magazine, but , it is really expensive to buy from Borders or MPH, it is around RM 20++. So, when I got back home, I tried to search for Crochet Magazine, luckily, they have it digitally for only USD 14.97. That is much more cheaper, I will get a full year subscription plus back dated issues. So, it will be a really value for the money.
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After I made payment using credit card, instantly I could download all the current issues and back dated issues easily. After downloading everything, I looked at each pages for a pattern that I might be interested in doing so and print it out.
I really recommend this magazine for anyone who loves to make cardigan for adult, necklaces, afghans, and it also have projects for baby either a blanket/toys/clothes.
So, one of the patterns is making a combined technique, it looks lovely. The only thing is that it need to use a smaller hook 3-3.5mm hook. So, for my daughter almost 3 years old, I need to use a 3.5mm hook with a red metallic cotton yarn.
I made it with a 2 tier cotton fabric attached to the crocheted part using sewing machine. Carefully, you  need not stretch the material, if not, it won’t fit with the length of the fabric.
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As always, my daughter was very eager to wear it, although I have not finish crocheting the sleeves part yet. She said baju princess (princess dress), like Dora the Explorer, she used to wear a long dress when she becomes a princess.
For the sleeves part, it is really open, so I modified a little bit, to make it closed (could not see the armpit anymore).

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