Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baju Kurung for Toddler


It has been a long time since I made a baju kurung for Tasneem. I only made baju kurung for her for hari Raya only. Almost 2 years passed by, now she was nearly 3 years old. The length of material needed is about 1 1/4 meter. I was shocked in measuring her, looking at the length of the fabric, I could not believe that she is getting bigger as time pass by.

She was so delighted to wear her baju kurung. To her, every new clothes, she was eager to have it put on her.

I sewed beads around her neckline, it was easy and fast to sew on cotton fabric. If I still have time before my delivery, I will sew some beads at the end of the sleeves too. I asked my daughter, what shape she would like to have as a button, the heart or flower shape, she chose flower shape. I also thought that flower button shape was much cuter.



I made an A-line skirt for her, easier than making a pleated one at the sides.


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