Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baby Blue Cocoon for Humayra

It has been long since I post new entry for this blog. I was just finish with my confinement and was very busy with the new baby and also needs to take care of my 3 year old daughter. This baby blue cocoon or papoose for newborn needs 4 ply of yarn to make it. I was using 4 cotton blended yarn with a size 5mm hook.
Actually it is 3 1/2 of yarns needed. After finished using the blue yarn, I used the white yarn remnants from making another white baby cardigan (which I do not decide whom to give it to yet).
After browsing the e-pattern central design, I decided to buy the pattern. This papoose pattern was published in an E-book titled “Oh Baby! Crochet”, cost to download $19.90 and I got a 10% discount for this e-book, which was very nice. As soon as payment being made, I could download it immediately. Imagine how thrilled I was to see and make this papoose. Even my husband said that it was really cute when he saw the baby picture in the cocoon.
About the pattern, it was easy to make, but needs lot of time and effort to finish it. Just using dc and sc throughout the pattern. I took about three days to finish it, of course, I only spend about 2-3 hours per day to do it. So, if you really going to make one, do not expect to finish it in one day. You need to set time to finish it by within how many days, so that you do not have to rush.
Oh my, I really love that she can fit snugly in it! This picture is taken when she is nearly two months old.


Dd said...


Do u take order for baby cocoon macam ni?

Farahana said...


Yes sure, but it will be quite expensive since using 4 cotton yarns.

Jessica said...

OMG, so beautiful. What is more beautiful and confort than handmade?

Farahana said...

Thank you Jessica. I was really glad that my daughter really like to be cuddled in the cocoon.