Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cream Baby Cocoon

This brown and cream baby cocoon and hat was ordered by one of my customers for her newborn after looking at the baby blue cocoon that I made for my daughter. Materials are using cream cotton blended yarn and camel brown cotton metallic. All are suitable for the delicate baby skin.
She wanted it for her newborn photo shoot session. So, I have to send it before her due date which I make it in time. Forgive for the pictures, not so professional looking, with lots of shadows and not so bright (lack of lighting).
The newborn hat, size 15 inches.
I hope that her newborn will look very adorable and cute in this cocoon.


Dd said...

the photoshoot will take place lepas pantang sebab photographer tak free, dah siap nanti i'll show u the outcome

Farahana said...

Ok, eager to see the outcome