Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pom Pom Maker Guide–Step by Step


As promised, here are the steps to make simple pom pom out of pom pom maker. Easy, just takes a couple of minutes to do it Smile


Things you need :
1) Pom pom maker (I am using the largest one 9cm diameter)
2) Sharp small scissor
3) Yarn of your choice


Step 1a :
Arrange the pom pom maker like in the picture. Next put the one in the front on top of the one in the back. See the next image of how to assemble the first step.


Step 1b :
First step assembly.. notice how they stack on top of each other.


Step 1c :
Prepare for winding


Step 2a :
Wind the yarn around one part of the pom pom from left to right and right to left till its fullest. The thicker your winding will results in a fluffier pom pom.


Step 2b :
Picture shows how after several round of winding turns out to be. You can make it thicker than this. Depends on you.


Step 2c :
After satisfied with the thickness, cut the yarn. We are going to do the next part of the pom pom maker.


Step 3 :
Wind the next part of the pom pom maker. Note, you can use a different yarn color if you like for two tone color. Your choice :)


Step 4a :
After cutting the yarn like step 2c, close the pom pom maker like in the picture. Note, there are two lock/notch (white color) in the front and back to close and hold the pom pom maker together.


Step 4b :
Close the lock from both sides into the pom pom maker to hold both parts together.


Step 5a :
After securing the lock on both sides, using a sharp scissors, cut through all the yarns along the middle line.


Step 5b :
Picture shown cutting through all the yarns along the line.


Step 6a :
To secure the pom pom.
Take about 10" length of the yarn and cut it. Insert the yarn as shown through the middle part of both parts of the pom pom maker.


Step 6b :
Tie several knots tightly to secure the pom pom.


Step 7 :
Open the lock and take out the pom pom as picture on both sides.


Step 8:
Cut the extra length of yarn for a cleaner and make it into a round and tidier look.


The finished pom pom !!..
You can make several of these. I am addicted to making this pom pom and have made several for my children to play with.

You can stack one small pom pom and one big pom pom with a glue gun and glue the eyes and nose for a quick toys for your children to play.

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