Thursday, June 21, 2012

Knitting Looms

Currently we are adding knitting looms set in our online store for customers to purchase. The looms are for those who do not know how to knit can achieve the same result as of knitting. It is also suitable for beginners. Things you can make from using the looms are hat, scarf, shawl, afghan and bag. Creativity is yours!
4 Pieces Round Knitting Loom Set
4 Pieces Long Knitting Loom Set
The instructions are in English..and the cd are just for props, to show how big the looms are compared to cd.
Some customers asking about the cd whether it is in English or Chinese, but, actually it is just for showing the size of the looms only.
The guidelines on how to use it, you can go and search knitting loom, or how to use knitting loom on youtube.. lots of videos showing how to knit using the looms clearly.
If you wish to purchase it, can directly go here, under crochet/knitting accessories section.
We can ship the items internationally as we also support payment using credit card.


Nafisa81 said...

camne nak guna ni??

Farahana said...


Terus terang saya cakap belum pernah guna lagi, tapi saya ada tgk dlm youtube, senang juga. Item ni sekarang ada lagi dua balance as of 22/6/2012. Jika berminat, boleh dapatkan di website under Crochet/Knitting Accessories

sewing and embroidery design said...

Keep up the excellent work, I read few articles on your blog and I think that is real interesting and Power to the People of excellent information for their hobby. Keep on it..:)

farahana said...

Thank you for your compliments. Yes, I do hope that people will be inspired to learn knitting and crochet as their hobby.