Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All for Tasneem

Here is Tasneem's red cardigan that I made using T-shirt given by my sister Idzyan. I wanted her to have a cardigan which looked like store bought. Wheww.. at Jusco, they have it at a very expensive price. So, I sew it and embellish it with thread embroidery. Well, here is the results. She looks cute in it. Yani, you have the picture with Tasneem in this cardigan during Hari Raya 2008. 

Here is a close up of Bullion Rose stitches at Tasneem's collar. This A-line dress is made from Idzyan's shirt. The material was old enough that has several yellow stain on it. But, to make it disappear and as if it was not even there in the first place, I sew several flowers at the bottom of the dress. Here is the finish looks.

Give credits to Idzyan, this long sleeved cardigan is made from a pair of jeans (Idzyan punya). I sew bullion roses at the corner top to make it looks more elegant. 

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Dil said...

Comel jer anak hang... mulut ngan hidung sebijik cam hang... hehehehe